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Mod Mutt Salon is a contemporary full service dog and cat grooming salon for the discerning pet owner. Our mission is to provide quality grooming in a pet friendly atmosphere while ensuring our clients, both pet and owner, receive excellent service in a playful safe environment. Mod Mutt Salon is an AKC SAFE Certified Salon. All of our Groomers are certified in Pet CPR & First Aid through the Pet Health Academy.

Our Staff



Dog Groomer

Shelby is our canine whisperer who has certificates in Dog Language 101 & 201. She is an AKC Certified SAFE Groomer, and a member of the National Dog Groomer's Association of America. Her perfectionist personality spills attention to detail onto every beautiful groom she creates.



Dog Groomer

Kira's bubbly nature helps your dog stay safe and happy throughout the grooming process. She is an AKC Certified SAFE Groomer. Her certifications in Canine Behavior and Positive Reinforcement Training keeps our environment uplifting and fun.



Master Groomer

Cat is our resident Certified Master Groomer through the National Dog Groomers Association. She is the over qualified, over achieving Stylist to ask for If you need our hand stripping services.



Dog and Cat Groomer

A full time Mom. A full time Groomer. When does Kristi sleep? Her gentle approach and demeanor prove she gets a good night's rest. Either way, with her years of experience, devotion, and eye for detail, she could groom with her eyes closed.




Dallas is the friendly voice of Mod Mutt Salon that helps book your appointment, and keeps the Salon running smoothly. She's our social media butterfly that captures your pet at their best.

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Our Groomer Shelby owns this sweet dog with an inquisitive gaze, Bailey. She enjoys meeting new people, and hanging on to your every word. She likes her jazz smooth, and her peanut butter crunchy.

austin tx dog groomer cat groomer



Our Groomer Kira owns Meringue, who works with our furry clients to make sure they are happy and comfortable. Her calm and pleasant demeanor is contagious. She also enjoys recycling.




Eliana is the Owner of Mod Mutt Salon and Sniff Grooming Studio here in Austin. She does it all to keep our local salons in tip top condition for your pet to have a playful and safe experience. She's a Mom who owns 3 dogs and a cat of her own; a true testament to multitasking at its finest.