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Our Salon

7600 N Lamar Blvd Ste A2
Austin, TX 78752


Phone: (512) 436-8398


Operating hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 07:30am – 06:00pm.

Services By Appointment Only 

Get in touch

Why We Need Your Contact Information

We use your contact information for more than returning your messages. Your phone number

is also used to call if we have questions, or that your pet is ready for pick up, and for appointment

confirmation calls. Your email address goes into our email contacts list so you do not get marked

as spam should you make your appointment online, or try to contact us via email. Your address is

used to verify Veterinarian information (we have many pets named Bella, and Max), and we have

been known to personally return your sunglasses, and other personal items left in our salon. When

we get incomplete contact information, we have trouble verifying that you are you. Please know

that we do not spam our clientele, or share information. We don’t like it when it’s done to us, and

know that we would end up on your blocked list for doing so.

We Contact You When Your Pet Is Ready

We will always contact you when your pet is ready for pick up, unless you specify a specific

pick up time for late in the day, and do not need that point of contact. If you walk in to the salon

while your dog is being worked on, it excites your pup, and hinders our ability to complete the groom

(using sharp tools safely on a wigglebutt is very difficult). Please wait for us to contact you.

Ways To Contact Us

Obviously, there is this contact page. But, did you know, you can call us at (512)436-8398?

You can also email us at You can comment on one of our

Facebook or Instagram posts to grab our attention. You can also pop into the salon for

a visit. We are secretly excited to get an old school handwritten letter in the mailbox.

You can send fan mail to 7600 N Lamar Blvd Ste A2, Austin TX 78752. Choose the point

of contact that works for you, and we’ll chat soon!