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How does Mod Mutt schedule appointments?

We schedule appointments by the day. Drop off time is between 7:30 and 9am, allowing the pet owner to drop off any time between those hours. We contact you as soon as we are finished. Generally, that time frame is between 12pm and 3pm. If you need a specific pick time just let us know when you drop off, and we can accommodate you. Otherwise you have until closing time at 6pm to pick up. If you cannot make it in for the open drop offs, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance so we can reschedule. If you do not use, or do not cancel your appointment, a no show fee of $25 would be applied to your next grooming visit.

Do you accept walk ins?

To prevent over booking we do not accept grooming service requests on a walk in basis. All appointments are prescheduled.

Is my pet ready yet?

The grooming process involves several steps which you can view in its entirety on the homepage of our website. After check in, your pet gets their initial clip and pre bath work completed. Then they get a sitting break. After that they get a bath and blow dry. Then your pet gets a water break. When ready, your pet goes onto the finishing table for their finishing touches. Upon completion your pet is offered a water break while waiting for your arrival. Having breaks throughout the process is a positive experience that helps alleviate stress, keeping your pet from feeling rushed, allowing them to sit, observe the salon and relax. We do offer an express service for $20 so you can have your furry friend back in 2 hours from the point you dropped off, but we highly encourage giving your pet(s) time to rest in between the grooming process. We will always contact you when your pet is ready for pick up, unless you specify a specific pick up time for late in the day, and do not need that point of contact. If you walk in to the salon while your dog is being worked on, it excites your pup, and hinders our ability to complete the groom (using sharp tools safely on a wigglebutt is very difficult). Please wait for us to contact you.

What do I need to do?

Before the appointment, Mod Mutt needs your current veterinarian records on file, including Rabies vaccinations for all pets, Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations for dogs, and FVRCP (distemper) vaccinations for cats. This can be sent to us via email or in person. The day of your pet’s grooming appointment, please curb your pet before coming in allowing them to relieve themselves. Car rides, and coming into a business can be exciting. While most dogs are accustomed to “holding it” we generally do not take dogs outside (unless your pet exhibits signs of needing to relieve themselves). Cats are offered a litter box during their break periods.

Can I stay with my pet?

We strive to make our clients comfortable with the grooming process by being transparent. We do offer clients the ability to stay with their dog and watch the entire grooming process. The pricing for this specialty service is $100/hr. Appointments are available for afternoons only with a $50 deposit. We are unable to offer scheduling this service online, so give us a call to schedule an owner stay for your pet.

How much will my pet cost?

You can view our pricing for most breeds on our pricing page located at If you don’t see your breed listed, feel free to give us a call (512)436-8398 or get in touch via the website through

My pet is matted, what are my options?

It depends on the severity of the matting, which can be determined by the Groomer. Most matting can be reasonably brushed and combed out. We like to save coats! If there is moderate matting (lot of mats, but away from the skin), de-matting charges start at $30 for every 30 minutes. However, if the severity of the matting causes the pet discomfort, and there is pain associated with brushing out the mats (generally this is matting that is to the skin), we will need to discuss with the pet owner how we can save as much coat as possible without causing unnecessary pain. For some cases, we offer a “fresh start” getting underneath the mats (between the skin and the mats) with the longest blade possible. While it may be shorter than either Mod Mutt or the Pet’s owner would like, it offers the pet and their owner a fresh start in maintaining the coat as it grows back out. We will help teach and encourage using brushing and combing techniques for at home use in between grooms so your pet can stay comfortable and happy in their longer growing coat.

Did you trim the nails as short as possible?

Mod Mutt prides itself on giving the shortest most rounded nails your specific pet can have. We want it to last for you and your pet, and know that the further back we can take the nails each time, the further back the quicks (blood supply) will recede. Some pets have long quicks. We have to stop trimming and filing when we reach the blood supply (for the safety and comfort of your pet). For a desired shorter nail, we offer walk in nail trims in between grooming appointments. A way to think about it: pet’s nails grow like people’s nails if not faster… every time you trim your nails, your pet needs theirs done too.

What discounts do you offer?

We offer discounts for maintaining your pet’s skin and coat with weekly, and bi-weekly appointments. Our maintenance schedule can be customized to your preference. For example: bath package one visit, groom package the next visit for bi-weekly clients.

What is the Preferred Client Program?

Clients enrolled in our Preferred Client Program are offered options on their pet’s grooming scheduling. Have a standing appointment, or the day of your pet’s grooming session- pre-scheduling the next one at check out. Clients enrolled also receive priority holiday booking. This program ensures you will always have the appointment you want when you want it.  Your date is pre-selected by you to conform to your schedule at intervals of anywhere between one to twelve weeks. This program is reserved for you as long as you wish. Best of all – this service is FREE! to our valued clients as a way to encourage regular, consistent care for their pets.

Our FAQ To Veterinarians

Gland Expression?

There are conflicting schools of thought in the medical field on whether to express anal glands or not.

We have asked several vets, and have received information on why it’s important to do so, and others

who say not to express at all. We have first hand experience on the relief it brings to pets, and their

owners. Because of that, we will continue to externally express glands only when it is needed. If there

is ever an issue with the glands (severely impacted, or not easily expressed), we will not perform this

service and inform the owner to consult with their Veterinarian.

Ear Plucking?

A great debate over ear plucking still persists between Veterinarians on whether to

pluck hair in ear canals or leave the ear canal alone. While we take the issue seriously,

we question leaving the hair in the canal. How do you treat with medicine or properly

clean an ear canal when there’s a wad of moist dirty hair in there? Won’t that exacerbate the

problems? In our experience: Groomers expose the problem, not cause it. An infection

doesn’t happen immediately after plucking, and it’s a Groomer’s responsibility to alert the pet owner

of their findings so they can go to the vet and get the problem diagnosed. From

there, the Veterinarian will prescribe the appropriate medication to a thoroughly cleaned ear.

Since we have received more requests from local vets to do so, we will continue to pluck

ears that need it, unless the pet owner asks us not to.


To shave or not shave a double coated dog. There are two fantastic arguments to

this debate; both are linked in the first sentence. Mod Mutt Salon is taking the

client preference stance. It’s your pet, not ours. We can only provide you with the

detailed information above to allow you to make an informed decision on your