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Mod Mutt Salon offers all inclusive package pricing, providing your dog and cat with a complete grooming experience.

Cat Grooming Prices

Based On: Condition of the Coat, Coat Length, and Demeanor
Bath Package $50-$65
De-Shedding Package $55-$70
Full Groom $85-$100 or Specialty Package $115-$130

Sanitary Clip and/or Shell Belly Add to Bath Package or Deshedding Package $10

Dog Grooming Prices

Based On: Breed, Size (measured at the withers), Condition of Coat, and Desired Clip
Maintenance Discounts: Weekly 15%, Bi-Weekly 10%,
Rapid Return $15- Out 2 hours from Drop Off

De-Shedding Package: $10-15 to Bath Package Pricing

Hand Stripping Services:

Short Legged Dogs $68/hourly Long Legged Dogs $78/hourly

Airedales* $155 base price

*$50 deposit required to schedule

Full FFT Bath
Chihuahua, Dachshund, Pug 55-60 35-38 23-28
Papillion, Pekingese, Pomeranian 58-63 40-45 28-32
Westie, Schnauzer, Yorkie 60-65 42-48 30-35
Shih Tzu, Lhasa, Havanese, Maltese 63-68 45-50 30-35
Scottie, Cocker, Shelti, Bichon 70-75 48-53 35-40
Aussie, Wheaten, Springer 85-90 65-70 48-53
Golden, Lab, Border Collie 90-95 68-73 50-55
Sheepdog, Airedale, Great Pyrenees 150 and up 100 and up 80 and up

Poodles & Doodles

Toy: Under 11 inches 65-75 48-53 35-40
Mini: 11 -14 inches 80-90 53-63 43-48
Standard: Over 18 inches 120-130 80-85 60-65

Additional Services Pricing

Stay With Your Dog During Grooming $100/hr

Game Time Dog Services 30 minute Walk $23

Don’t see your pet’s breed listed? Give us a call!

Why does pet grooming cost so much? I don’t pay that much for my hair cut.

We know your haircut may cost less then your pet’s, but there are many reasons why

Groomers charge the prices they do. Obviously, you only have hair on your head. If

your whole body was covered with hair that needed trimming, then your stylist would

surely raise their prices. Considering the services Groomers perform, it’s a good thing

there’s no comparison between dog grooming and our own hair cuts. We doubt you

want anyone expressing your anal glands (note: humans don’t have these). Also your

stylist does not give you a sanitary clip, and if they do we bet it cost more then having

your pet groomed.

Brushing Your Hair vs Brushing A Pet’s Fur

Every morning you wake up and at some point you hopefully brush or comb your hair.

We would be willing to bet that most of you wouldn’t leave your house without first doing

this. Although, how often do you brush your pet? Matted and tangled coats are a common

scene at the grooming salon. Some of them may be so bad they could even be considered

neglect or cruelty. In many cases where severe matting (mats against the skin) is the issue,

the coat can’t be saved and has to be taken short to ensure the comfort and safety of the pet.

If the mats are far enough away from the skin, we can offer the time consuming job of safely

de-matting a pet. If a person removes their dreadlocks without shaving them, it takes 5 hours

to 2 days to brush and comb their head out. Their hands will get tired, and so will the scalp

from the constant tugging. If you want to avoid extra cost for grooming, you can take care of

your pet’s coat at home by regularly brushing and combing it properly. This is good for your

pet’s skin, coat, and it’s a great way to bond with your pet.

Grooming can be a tough business

We assume you never bite your hairstylist. At least we hope you haven’t. We also assume you

tend to sit very still while your stylist cuts your hair. Your pet may not be as considerate of their

Groomer. Being a Groomer takes great patience, and the ability to guess what your client might

do next. While this may seem trivial, it’s one reason that pet grooming can seem costly. We never

know what a new client is going to be like until we have finished grooming them. We take a chance

everyday of being bitten, scratched, urinated on, and so much more. While the kisses and cuddles

from our furry friends are the best perks, it’s very physically demanding, and can negatively

affect our health.

Regular grooming can save you money, and sometimes lives

A typical vet appointment for doing nails, cleaning ears, and expressing glands is $1 a nail,

$20 for ears, $20 for gland expression, and many charge an office visit too! $58 for vet services,

plus a $25 office visit…($58 + $25= $83). Those are just a few of the complimentary services

involved in grooming sessions. Mod Mutt Salon does not upsell pets well being. We offer

everything a pet needs minus dietary or veterinary care. Pet owners and even veterinarians,

who see a pet perhaps once or twice a year, do not look at a pet’s body as intricately as the

Groomer. When we notice things that are not typical for your pet, Groomers can save lives

by alerting you to possible health issues. Those issues can be brought up to your vet

for treatment. While we don’t diagnose, we have alerted owners to their pet’s thyroid issues,

cancers, urinary infections, and more because we see their pets regularly, and know their bodies

and behaviors.

The Take Away

We take good care of your pets, and treat them with the same love that we treat our own. It

is a great privilege to be allowed the responsibility to help care for people’s beloved companions,

despite some of the trials of being a Groomer, and in part this is why we do it: because we make

a difference. If the price is too steep, you may want to begin grooming your pet yourself at home.

Although, we wouldn’t be surprised if you run back to the Groomer after the first self groom.

We believe that sometimes until you try it yourself, you will never understand how much work

goes into keeping them healthy and beautiful.